VEX TOSS UP practice match of Shanghai Fuxing senior high school

The videos are at I want some comments to our robots. The chinese vex robotics competition will be hold soon. After that I will upload more video of our matchs.
The comments from your are very important to us.:smiley:

Well ,they are pretty cool robots.It’s very deft!Looking forward to meeting you guys in Shenzhen!:wink:

My immediate reactions when watching the video…

Man those robots are cool:D

I love the lifting consistency of the scissor lift robots. Those systems are extremely difficult to build well, yet you guys seemed to do it with ease. I also liked how the driving with those robots seemed well planned and intentional(blocking game pieces or de-scoring game pieces immediately after they scored). Another thing i liked was with the other video, robots kept on scoring even if the best scoring opportunities were closed off and remained vigilant. Even with minor scoring, the drivers were cautious enough to realize a de-scoring threat is still possible.

however there are a few problems I see

As proof with the scissor lift robots flipping twice your center of gravity is too high in that position. I would emphasize that the scissor lifts do not need to raise to max height to de-score balls or have a roll guard. It may be possible to de-score large balls through the back without raising the lift at wall. Also, I would push your team to store multiple large balls at 1 time. that’ll require additional engineering, but that should be doable with a bit of thought. Another thing i noticed was that all of your drivetrains had omni wheels. That makes your team extremely vulnerable to defense. I would either add high traction wheels or swap omni wheels for high traction. if you don’t have high traction, sprockets with chain or tread or nsp or zipties would be a fine alternative. Also, one robot with a top roller looks like it has a hanging system. I highly unrecommend placing a hanging system on the intake. the weight of your robot will amplify towards the end of your lift like a reverse double four bar. Rather, i would place the hanging system on the 6 bar linkage with a longer bar. It requires less torque, and it’ll be less strain on your axles. I can’t tell exactly, but i don’t see any elastic assists. Using those will decrease the amount of motor power you need, lowering the strain on your motors. Also, with one of the videos, it looks like the team started immediately into driver control. Do you have an autonomous program?

Edit: looking into the videos more, i noticed the motors on the robots are exposed. Aggressive defense may cost you a few motors. I would move them to the inside of the robot, or place a guard around the motors

Wow, great job getting well-working robots so early in the season!

My observations on the 6-bar dual-intake robots:
(Seen in this video)
They can only travel under the bridge forwards (time 0:55)
Why not be able to travel under the barrier both forward and backward?
They can hold 3 Buckies and 1 Large (time 0:43)
Good capacity, but would it be possible to fit another Large Ball on them if the design was changed slightly?
Their intakes can conflict with each other (time 1:27)
Conflicting subsystems has cost our team at least 1 match. I think we lost a qual at 2013 US Nationals because our spatula was in the way of our lift. The lift had a PID controller at full power, but was physically stuck, burning out our lift.
They look heavy
If you are not planning on hanging it should be alright; and looks like they should do well in a pushing match.

My Observations on the scissor-lift robots:
(Seen in this video)
Tips Easily (time 0:16)
Reduce the amount of lifted weight; that manipulator looks heavy. (Also, I don’t see any rubber bands helping out the lift. Is there a reason for this?)
Battery mount looks insecure (time 1:07)
Use something (rubber bands?) to secure the batteries.
A LOT of small stages
Not necessarily a bad thing, but I think a non-hanging robot should only need 2 stages (each stage is a X of metal). More stages might mean more friction, because each stage has points of contact rubbing together.

**My Observations on the tipping-platform robots:
(Seen in this video)
Back-Heavy (time 0:15)
Move the center of gravity, if possible. Maybe move the batteries to the front?
Scoring seems inconsistent (time 0:40)
Extending cap? Guiding metal on the base? Limit switch(es) on the front where it touches the goal?
VexNet key looks like it is mounted in a dangerous place (time 1:00)
An unethical driver might try knocking out your VexNet key and claim it was an accident. Secure it or move it? (Polycarb and Zip Ties, ftw.)
Can get a bucky from the corner (time 1:31)
Very good! Hopefully all of your robots are capable of this.

Do any of these hang?
Do all of them have a capacity of at least 3 buckies and 1 large?

I hope this does not come out as demanding; these are only suggestions.**

Hi String,

Greetings from Singapore 8059.

Will Fuxing be taking part in the Asia Pacific at Macau this year?
How many teams will Fuxing be sending this year?

Hope to see you guys over at Macau. We have always enjoy working together with Fuxing :slight_smile:

Anyway, nice robots… looks like the robots can handle the large balls pretty well.

Now we have 15s autonomous programs for 15 points and 60s for 68-72 points. Thanks for your suggestions. They are very useful!

The 6-bar robot and one of the the tipping-platform robots can low hang with a large ball .
The the tipping-platform robots cannot have a capacity of at least 3 buckies and 1 large at one time,but we will improve them.

We will take part in the Asia Pacific at Macau this year.
Hongkou have 7 teams to the Asia Pacific at Macau this year,and two of them are Fuxing’s team.

One robot others have not commented about is one I like - the minimalist robot that looks like a skeleton of a robot. I like how the big beach balls ride on top while the buckey balls scoop underneath - all with minimal metal! Looks quick too.

On the scissor bot, can you make a deeper channel to funnel the buckey balls better into the 24" goal? Some seem to have missed. Or have a gate that prevents them form scoring until they are lined up and ready to drop nicely?

The scissor bot‘s idea is come from Greenegg’s Fred 3.
The smallest robot cannot hold a large ball and three small balls in one times.

Congratulations on you 67 pts programming skill score!

Does the programming skill routine include high hang with ball?

we did not hang during programming skill

67 pts is incredible