VEX Toss Up Referee Training Videos

Hey everyone,

The VEX Toss Up Referee Training Videos are now posted and can be found here:

If you have any rules questions brought about by the video, please post them in the official Q&A, otherwise feel free to discuss these videos in this thread.

Thank you for posting these Karthik! These are crucial to training our refs at the local level; these promote consistent and fair ref calls from event to event.

These are excellent videos.

One thing I might add is that many referees may be confused when it comes to the rules regarding descoring. While I understand the GDC doesn’t want to provide teams with design ideas to descore, it may be helpful if a video could somehow be produced that outlined how disqualifications regarding field damage should be handled, and what is or is not legal.


When it comes to descoring, here’s the rule of thumb. Descoring is a legal act. However, any field damage that occurs as a result of the descoring is the responsibility of the descoring team. What types of field damage would warrant a DQ? Ripping the Goal off the wall, noticably and permanently deforming the goals, etc.

I hope all referees see it that way. It would not surprise me to see teams who are in no danger of damaging the cylinders being disqualified because referees either want to call them for latching onto the large goals, grappling with field objects, “posessing” 3+ buckyballs because there are more than 3 in the cylinder, or other things I haven’t thought of. There are many teams that don’t read the forums, and speaking from experience bringing up clarifications you have made in the Q&A is rarely received well by referees.

I’m just worried we’re going to get to a competition, and that our legal strategy will be prohibited due to a misunderstanding of the rules. Would it be possible to add a rule or clause to the Toss Up manual, specifically stating that Descoring is a legal action, and explaining how teams are allowed to reach into the goals? Something that simple could go a long way in alleviating ruling discrepancies between competitions.

Intentionally latching onto goals and grappling onto field objects is still illegal.

If we were to call out each and every legal action in the manual, it would become a ridiculously long document that most people would not read. As such we try and keep the manual concise, while pointing out the illegal actions that violate rules.

I understand that. But determining intention is something that many referees have difficulty doing.

I understand. My request really doesn’t make sense, now that I think about it. Hopefully, there won’t be any problems.