VEX Tournament Manager - field set control screen doesn't appear when the match controller is connected

Dear all,

I am learning to use the VEX Tournament manager. When I don’t connect the match controller and start tournament manager ™ up, the field set control screen appears. However, once I connect the match controller, after the match controller set up screen appears and the configuration is done correctly, the field set control screen doesn’t appear, regardless of what I click in the “field set control” menu on the top toolbar. I am on Mac OS. Any help is appreciated. Many thanks!

Urgent help required - many thanks

Write to

they wrote Tournament Manager.

Have you tried:

a) reinstalling the software

b) manually updating the driver?

I only know how to do the latter on Windows, sorry. The field control drivers are located with the rest of the TM program files.

I had a similar problem at a competition this year and manually updating the drivers and then restarting TM fixed the issue.