VEX Tournament Viewer Android App

VEX Tournament Viewer

Hello VEXers!

In preparation for World Championships, I have created an app for Android and for Android only (sorry iOS users) that displays comprehensive information about any tournament of your choice.

Play Store Description

Why You Should Use It
This app has many advantages over the stock VEX Via app for several reasons:
*]- Allows for a much wider range of tournaments
*]- Includes more comprehensive information about each match, including the number and type of sacks scored in each goal
*]- Implements the TRSP ranking system, a much more accurate schedule point system that cannot be skewed like SPs can
*]- Cleaner and more up-to-date UI

To view the tournament of your choice, you must provide the app with the Event Code of the tournament, which can be found on the RobotEvents page for the corresponding tournament. Later versions will include a search function that will make the application easier to use.

Here are a list of common event codes:
*]- RE-VRC-13-8584 (2013 New Zealand VEX Robotics National Championships)
*]- RE-VRC-13-8671 (US Nationals High School Division)
*]- RE-VRC-13-9001 (US Nationals Middle School Division)

Please note that this application will only work with Sack Attack events that have live or posted results on the RobotEvent page.

This applications does support ads, but they are unobtrusive, and only appears on the first page of the application.

This application will only work for devices with Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) and up.

Download the program at:


Wow! Awesome work :smiley: im really impressed…

Also considering you wrote that in about 2 days… im jealous of your programming ability :stuck_out_tongue:

Does it work fine with multiple divisions? I know the TSRP ranker doesn’t work well with the robot events page when it has more than one division. Awesome though, i’ll definitely be using it at worlds.

Thank you! :smiley:

Yes, the app works fine with multiple divisions. You select the division of your choice on the first page. The TRSP calculator doesn’t collect the data from Nathan’s website. It calculates them based off match results, so this works with multiple divisions.

Not sure whether to thank you for doing this or not. I was planning on doing one myself :smiley:

Regardless, thanks for creating the app!

Yeah, I wasn’t really aware people were still using that until recently :stuck_out_tongue: It was really just made to test things, and so isn’t really that good and doesn’t include the TRSP Correction Factor either I don’t think, haven’t looked at it in ages… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, back on topic:

A few suggestions:

  • Is something going to happen with the Settings option in the future? Currently does nothing
  • Ability to sort rankings by TRSP or SP depending on user choice
  • Show relevant (TRSP or SP) data in the rankings page to easily see information
  • Show more user information in the Team Data page (Location?)
  • Elimination Matches scores in the Results page (and Team Data page)
  • Skills scores

And other things you may want to add:

  • Actual Team List page ordered by team number
  • Show the schedule of matches
  • Include Field and Scheduled Time on the View Team page

You may also want to make a “Current Events” page so that teams can easily find their events, and/or make a search function to find events too.

Otherwise, looking nice and should be really useful :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Job!

Thanks for the suggestions! The settings button was never intended to work in the first place. I just forgot to remove it. Your suggestions are simple and should be pretty easy, except the skills, which will require some more data and an even slower load time. XD Expect an update soon.

UPDATE - 15 MARCH 2013

From the Play Store Recent Changes listing

The update should become available to devices within the next few hours.

Next update will include support for skills

This app seems really cool! Too bad no one in my robotics club has ice cream sandwich lol.

UPDATE - 20 MARCH 2013

Update should become available within the next few hours.

Is it possible you could post a link to the .apk? I’m using an Android emulator on my computer which does not have access to the Google Play Store.

Sure thing.
Here it is:

Thanks. I’ll definately use this at Worlds.

looks very nice, will be downloading soon :smiley:

Would it also be possible to get it to work on an older Android OS? Instead of 4.0?

Unfortunately, the API differences between 2.3 and 4.0 are so great that it would require me to rewrite the app.


  • Thanks to team 5327 (Gael Force Robotics), I have implemented the team database they have provided.

From the Play Store listing:

Update should be live in a few hours.

** UPDATE 12 APRIL 2013 **

App is now usable offline

very nice look and feel to it, works well on my tablet and my phone … :smiley:

Due to an update to Gael Force’s scouting database, the “More Details” section of the team information does not work anymore. This will be fixed tonight.