VEX Tournament Viewer - Toss Up Teaser

With Early Apps finished, I had some time to work on our VEX Tournament Viewer app.

Major redesign and many more features are being added to make the perfect tournament companion!

But just to put forth the first redesign, the main screen:

Any suggestions and feature requests are welcome!

:eek: (<- agape emoticon, not eek)
Looks exciting! Can’t wait to see the full thing!

I’m not sure if it’s possible with intents, but it would be awesome if you could have a quick link to send the user to the official VEX Toss Up app so you can do scoring and read manual, etc. (That is assuming you didn’t want to build that functionality within your app)

Will this be available for iOS?

looks very good, can’t wait :slight_smile:

.> Android master race :smiley:

Just kidding, but this application will be only for Android ICS and above (4.0)

I don’t understand why people only makes apps for 4.0+, I dislike Gingerbread as much as the next developer but with the compatibility libraries that Google puts out there aren’t that many things that “require” certain API levels… And even if there are it’s easy enough to split certain aspects of your app into different API levels.

I guess it comes down to if you really feel the small amount of extra time required to make the app work on all platforms is too great compared to the 28.5% of the market that are still on Gingerbread.

Honestly, the main reason was because I built this app a year ago, when making the app compatible with and look good on Gingerbread was a PITA. I’m too lazy to redo the backend in a new app, hence, ICS only.

I shall try my best. :slight_smile:

Update: Search with auto complete is working

Yep +1 for making it compatible with Gingerbread :stuck_out_tongue: i really like my phone but I’m stuck on Gingerbread (no official software upgrade), but I wish I could download this app :confused: oh well.


I really want to release the app, but…


Push the update! If anything, do it in order to find bugs

You could be waiting for a while to get the .csv update…

Alright. For the sake of ease of navigation, I just gotta turn all my Activities into Fragments. Then I’ll push the update.

Be prepared for an update later today.

the update is fantastical! :smiley:

Agreedical! One of the best apps I’ve seen for VEX so far! Keep up the great work!