Vex tower take over Autonomous Match preload Question

What happens in a match if there are no points scored in automanus what happens to the match load the two purple cubes

It would most likely result in a draw and each team would get 3 points and 1 cube.But i would recommend look for it in the vex manual.

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You should read the game manual but @Vex_Student is correct about 1 cube being given to each alliance in the event of a tie. And 3 points are given to each alliance. Make sure next time, a question as such is directed into the tower takeover category.

As I understand the rules, no points awarded if no one scores. If teams score points and there is a tie then each one receives 3 and 1 purple cube.

I posted this in the official Q&A here

No, if no points are scored that would still be considered a tie.

ok thanks for the understanding,.

I retract my statement - I was wrong. It looks like a 0 / 0 score is a tie.

The “none” option in the app is intended for the extremely rare but possible scenario where both Alliances commit a violation during the Autonomous Period

Link to Official Q & A

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