VEX Tower Takeover: Season Rewind

Hey Everyone. @Soham4001A with a bit of assistance from me and Josh from 99904A was able to create a VRC “Rewind” for the season, covering the best moments from its release to its end. We hope that everyone in the community is able to enjoy it, and that it brings a well needed recap of the amazing things that the community was able to accomplish this season.

Hope You Enjoy!


wait a second. Yuanyang Lu has a reveal that looks like half the stuff is not even allowed in vex…

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this is awesome!


yeah what’s the deal with that, i wonder if anyone looked at his robot at state, looks like he had 2 robots, which is illegal, and he had extra motors, plastic, and polycarb! someone definitely needs to look into that

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Worry not, as a competitor in Yuanyang Lu’s region, I can assure you that he had only one robots, which is legal, and he had no extra motors, plastic, nor polycarb! Hope I clarified!

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I edited a reveal for VEXU team BCUZ, who I am good friends with. I am on 1727G (as you can probably tell by my name).


can confirm yy is in fact op


oh so you can use all that stuff in vex U?


Yes, read the VEX U appendix to the game manual. VEX U teams are allowed:

  • unlimited motors
  • unlimited plastic, aluminum or steel parts that they manufacture themselves
  • 3d printed parts
  • unlimited electronics for sensing and coprocessing

among other differences.


Cool video. Sad to see the season over. Still feels like we were just getting started.


Gotta love :bootsthrow: clips.

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