VEX Tracking Wheels Hinge

My team is newly trying to incorporate some odometry this year, and we are not entirely too sure about the tracking wheels. The only confusing part really is the hinge, why does it need to be hinged? And what would cause it to need to move upwards in the first place? Having to hinge it also really clutters the drivetrain up, would it be possible to just put a screw joint on a c-channel that is holding the wheel? Thanks for any help

You want it hinged so for any reason if your robot leaves the ground your tracking wheels can still touch the floor. You would rubber band it up which is what would move it upwards.

This is what people mean when they say put it on a hinge they do not mean to use the vex hinge part specifically it just needs to pivot.

Hi @RoboCatz


Thanks for the response. That was very helpful, my only question is what would the rubber band suspension do? Would it just help keep the wheel on the floor? Is gravity not enough to do that by itself? But thanks again for all the help

Elastics are an assist to gravity, to be certain the wheels retain contact. A main point of tracking wheels is to never loose contact with the floor - any movement that happens when they are not in contact creates error in your position/orientation.