Vex tray

Hi everyone, is the tray design correct? I used 45 angle to join trays.

How i can fix the tray size ? when i fold it the robot exced the allowed size .

Pictures would be helpful…
Edit: Which direction are you out of size?


You have to shorten the tray. It also helps if the tray sits at the front of the robot and the lift is a little shorter so you span almost a perfect 45 degree axis of the robot.

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Tray down …means length of robot

I build fix intake on arms
Tray of three parts
And now the size is bigger

Am thinking if there is a picture for fold intake that moves up and down

Any idea plz

With fixed intakes, you need to make sure that your base is shorter so you actually have space. With 3 folds in the tray, the walls most likely will need to fold into each other. Change some of the heights of the 45 degree gussets on the angled bars to make it fold more compact. It just takes testing.


You also want to make sure that your motor doesn’t get overheated. Based on your gear ratio, the stress put on your motor will vary. Trays can be heavy and they can put a lot of pressure on your motor.

Yeah, we run a 1:7 (I think that’s common) but it is rubber banded to help.


This has the same energy as “Is our robot design correct? We have VEX V5 batteries. How do I improve my robot of what I have now?” without even providing anything for us to provide assistance.
Please, send pictures.