VEX Trebuchet

Is it possible using V5 Parts?

Pneumatic air tank + spare motors as your weight
Use a slip gear configuration
Is possible.
But the real question is, why?
It’s going to be a big knockback and difficult to control. Plus, the down swing will be slow. Plus having thay may make your robot prone to tipping
However, this is all just theory. I would like to see it in action!


Yep, just follow the plans for the VEXIQ/HEXBUG version:

just substitute metal parts

There is even a video to show you all the sides and how the gearing works, just replace the knob with a motor.

Have fun!


Omg I actually have this (Christmas gift a few years ago).
It worked really, good, perhaps too good when launched into a cheap wall.

However, the “pedal” you push to activate the trebuchet is quite finky, and unnecessarily complicated if you want to mechanize it. I would recommend just using a slip gear. Plus, the folding of the weight arm would be quite difficult on a VEX bot (the wire management would be a nightmare).

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Its for a rube goldberg machine