Vex True Skill Canada Match Results Not Updating

On the vrc true skill rankings site the results for the last month and a bit of canadian events seems to not be registering (the skills are updating but match results are not being recorded). Not sure if this is a problem for others regions.

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There are definitely Canadian tournaments that have been incorporated since February:

RobotEvents doesn’t list any Canadian tournaments after 2023-Mar-05 which would seem to agree with the last one available on

If you are aware of specific tournaments that have posted to RobotEvents that are missing, I can further investigate.

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Im on 3150A (for context) we competed in ontario provincials on march 5th and while we have the award from it none of the matches from the event appear in our played matches (or on any teams matches who were in the event) so while the event is on the site the matches themselves arent.

Looks like my filter for “Remote” from the COVID days of LRT excluded this tournament incorrectly (catching “Remote Judging” in the name). I’m running an update now which should be available in a few hours


That seems to have fixed it thank you.