VEX "Truss head" machine screw/hex drive cap screw use

Can VEX’s 6-32 and 8-32 “truss head”, hex drive machine screws be substituted with or by a hex drive cap screw and washer of the same thread size? Standard VEX issue “Nylok” or equivalent nuts would be used in both cases.

As per this rule:

I believe that what you are describing is legal.

As has already been said and the rule quotes, any screws, nuts, or washers in the allowed sizes are legal, regardless of type, as long as they’re commercially available.

Here are some cheap socket head 8-32 screws: Socket cap, Stainless steel 18-8, #8-32 - Bolt Depot
And thin Nylock nuts are nice too:

Thank you!

When using in the .182 square holes or on plastic, the larger diameter head size of the truss or pan head may be safer under a load. Where space is an issue, there is a commercially available “narrow” hex nut with a 1/4" hex and a #8-32 thread.