Vex tuning point and it’s caps

I was wondering about the new vex tuning point and it’s caps. I’d the yellow balls are scored on caps that are flipped to your color will that have any effect on the score?

Nope. You can score the yellow balls on the caps even if they really not turned and still get the points.

@FatJo Really?! You can score points by having the balls on the caps…?!

Balls cannot be scored on caps, even when the balls are on the caps at the beginning of the match.
EDIT: You can put balls on caps, but won’t affect the score.

You don’t get any points from placing balls on the caps, I don’t know why this discussion is even happening.

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The game video made it pretty confusing to some people, which people thought that placing balls on caps would relate to a certain amount of points. But, this can be simply solved by reading and understanding the game manual.

@Asomekid1031 I will say though, I appreciate it regardless that you are asking the community first instead of usually going straight-on in the Q&A Section like other people last season. Thank you.