VEX Turning Point 2018-2019 Post U.S. Open reveal - Team 42700C


Awards and Finalists:
Tournament Champion and Innovate at TMT
Finalist at Waipahu and HECO State championship

#21 at IPA
#19 at ECUH
#3 at North Shore (Wailua)
#1 at TMT (Hilo)
#2 at Waipahu
#11 at HECO State Championship
#58 at Create U.S. Open

It’s been a great year and I am looking forward to the years to come.

Wishing luck to all teams competing at worlds.

Recap live here:



Congratulations on the job, it’s a great production!
Good luck in the world tournament!

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Congratulations for the success. Keep you hard work and dedication to your best level. Hope the best one win the tournament.

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We never qualified for worlds.



Thank you. I hope we do well at our school’s signature event in July

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Here’s a playlist of all of our matches in green divison at the U.S. Open



Loving the 2BC. Auton looks pretty solid, save for the mysterious line crossing. (You’d think we’d notice that sort of thing in testing, wouldn’t you?)

Some pretty heavy defense was played on you there. I would personally take it as a compliment. (That you’re viewed as that big of a threat that the other alliance needs to sick a robot on you the whole time to slow you down)

Maybe a bit slow on the wheels, but that thing looks strong! Can’t wait to see what you can do in the next few seasons!


Descorer - Is it worth the extra motor?