Vex Turning Point Catapult

Hello I see the robots in the video [1320 Reveal] have their catapults stop at a certain angle. ( All the way down ) Is it something in the code? How do they do that? Currently I am building a robot with it so I came to you guys for help. Thanks. (=

Potentiometer and code

@WChen20 Probably not that helpful to someone seeking guidance, especially the “code” part.

@7157C They have a potentiometer attached to the axle of the “shooting part” of the catapult. When a certain value is reached of the degrees of the potentiometer, they stop their catapult.

To stop the catapult, they use either the “hold” function on the V5 motors or a ratchet. With a ratchet, they can just coast their motors and the ratchet will stop the catapult from going anywhere. Ratchets are fundamentally better for the motors, but either solution will do.

why is this in the IQ Technical Discussion channel?

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Either it was accidental or they’re building a catapult for Next Level. Who knows…

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@7157C. A reminder this is the IQ section of the forum. VEXIQ plays Next Level, no catapults allowed.

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