VEX Turning Point Meta?

I would currently like to know what are everybody’s Turning Point ideas. I know that 4 and 6 bars will most likely be meta but I would like to know what else might be effective. More specifically, what’s meta and what everybody is using now.


I seriously doubt there will be a meta, instead I think there will be a plethera of effective designs . Here’s a couple my team is considering

4 mtr drive
1 mtr double catapult
2 mtr 3366 style intake
1 mtr descorer


4 mtr drive
1 mtr flywheel
1 mtr b intake
1 mtr cap rotator
1 mtr cap lift

It should be noted that all of these are v5 designs

Okok, hear me out

8m V5 drive with 4 of the motors going to a DMD to power a flipper. Bronco op

Parking platform who?

Small brained. Use the wedge to just push all opposing robots into corners. If they try to move then stall them

If you’re not flinging other robots into the air with 40 metric tons of force, you’re not winning.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy? sounds a bit broken

Do not worry. If they attempt to park they are already flung all the way to the skills fields

Fast base most likely - 6 motors turbo/speed
Shooter of some form - 2 motors max
Intake - 1 motor
Flipper - 1 motor
Lift - 2 motor

Base - 4 HS motors
Possibly Flywheel - 2 / 3 HS motors
Intake - 1 motor
Lift - 2 motors
Flipper - 1 motor
Descorer - 1 motor

I think that teams with V5 motors will vary a lot in how they use them. If the build quality and designs are good you can use one motor on nearly everything (I think), excluding the drivetrain naturally. This leaves a lot of room for different things like cap de-scorers, parking brakes, arms to push parked robots, and maybe even hooks that grab your team mate to allow both robots to center park. If a team is good enough I think they could make a lot of these motorless, allowing for a really powerful drive train. 4 motor V5 drive train will dominate in speed and parking ability.

4 motor drive
1 motor rd4b
1 motor cap flipper
1 motor intake
1 motor double catapult

Think one of the most important questions that teams will need to ask themselves will be - considering v5 motors are supposedly 3 times as powerful as 393, do you still need 4 motor drive? Or should the motors be better used for some other gadgets that can potentially help you win matches?

Something that I’m thinking is that a lot of other people will be using 4 motor drives to counter the other people also using 4 motor drives. This will probably become a lot more important as we see more and more defense being played.

There are many ways to counter or go-around stronger drives.
I mean… it is not a sumobot competition. Just like in any other sports, raw power is not the only weapon or the only way to win. And that’s the reason why I mentioned about using the motors for other gadgets that can help to win. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know how they are getting onto the alliance and/or center platform?

If you aren’t using a pneumatic jump, don’t even @ me.

Horizontally mounted drum spinner for flipping caps… through the roof.

We battlebots now.

driving forward. That’s all your really need.