How useful will it be to park in Turning Point

Assuming you consider a max score for one alliance of 42 (one robot on each park), and therefore a score to 100% win of 22, having both parks on your alliance could account for 41% of what you need to win. What that means for you however is up to interpretation/your strategy, as if you’re going to park you may leave the other team to descore, etc.

Well, like the SS high-hang, the speed at which you can park will make all the difference, especially if you can get up there within the last 3-4 seconds or so.

22 points doesn’t guarantee a win in tgis scenario unless they tie in auton. The numbers also differ based on the number of robots you can park on a single platform. assuming someone wins auton (a tie in auton always decreases this number) the numbers are 23 points to win if only one robot can patk on a single platform at a time, 26 if you can fit two, and 28 if you can fit three. (4 seems unlikely, but the number is 29)

It will be huge, you can park to robots on the center platform for 12 points, that’s as many points as all the flags on posts, not counting the 2 on the floor, or all the high flags. So very