Vex Turrets

So ive recently seen some things done with servos and arduino where they are used to create turrets would it be possible to re-create this with a vex cortex? also if redone with a vex cortex could it handle the code (code is from project sentry gun website) and if so would it be possible to create this?

Something similar?

@mwang17 kinda but i want to use vex cortex plus 2 wire motors and motor controllers but i want to have a nerf gun mounted on a robot

The hard part in nbn was getting balls through the turret into the flywheel. If you’re talking about a nerf gun this is done pretty easily. Vex sells turntables, which you can mount a nerf gun to somehow, and use braided nylon and a winch to pull it.

yea ive got a drivetrain base and it is a stampede ECS which has build i auto switch and the trigger wouldnt be too hard but could it be done with vex motors and cortex is what im wondering?

Yes, fairly easily.

im wondering how would i add a webcam to the vex cortex though?

Try a UART adapter or use a go pro I guess?

ok ill try it but first i got to build it

Good luck!

ill post a video up to here if i get it working

The cool thing about the 323Z bot was that they had some very cool mapping code. It kept track of where there were on the field and kept the turret on target at the net. To do this, they used multiple gyroscope sensors and multiple Accelerometers.

I am not 100% sure why they abandoned the robot, but it may have had to do with the sensors and cortex keeping up.

I had assumed they abandoned it since lifting became rather important last year. If I recall at the last competition last year, they had built a robot that was able to lift their partner.

Yeah, it was because they had to keep the robot going so slow in order for the code to stay accurate. And i think we can all agree that their final build at state was much more efficient than the turret bot. It was a cool robot though…

You could try to build a modified linear puncher from last year

They’re trying to mount a nerf gun to a robot. A linear puncher isn’t very useful.

haha ok. maybe pneumatics for reloading and shooting?

ive got the shooting mechanism working but i just need to figure out how to get the cortex to run the code and use a webcam as well to aim

so far ive acheived a fire rate of 0.39 seconds per shot with a clip size of 18