Vex tutor/classes?

My son wants to get on the high school robotics team. Where could he go to find Vex coding classes or a tutor?

There aren’t many companies that only do tutoring. Most people are self-taught from youtube, but if you need a tutor, check with your school or local vex clubs.


I know my school uses Grok for teaching general programming. But if you want something more akin to VEX, playing around with the sample projects in VEXcode V5 could work.

And this may be a bit dull, but the Educator Certificate Course provides a great way to learn different aspects of robotics.

Hopefully your son won’t have to do too much prior learning to get into a team, as the best way to learn robotics is when your collaborating with others!


For programming, I always suggest learning general C++ first, before going to vex. It’ll make him a lot better of a programmer in the long run. This is who I watch for programming, the guy is probably the best C++ teacher I’ve ever seen.

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Thanks for the feedback. Our high school won the nat’l championship this year so there was a ton of interest for next year. There were 50+ applicants for 15 new members and only 8 of those were rising freshmen. When we asked what could be done this year to help him make the team next year, they said to get more experience so that is what we are trying to do. I was curious if the Educator Courses might be a good place for him. We will check it out!

Thanks! Sounds like a great tip.

Thanks for the reply. His school Robotics club just got VERY competitive. They won nationals this year so there was a huge turn out for the informational meeting for next year. They got 50+ applications for 15 open slots and of those, only 8 rising freshmen were selected. When asked what he could do for next year, they said to get more experience, so that is what we are trying to do. Appreciate you getting back to my post!