Vex tutorial

Hello I am new here and I am confused and lonely about how to start building a robot for the Vex tipping point competition

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It is best to brainstorm ideas and look at different matches to see different ideas, don’t copy the robots, but look at different designs people have.

Make sure to read the rules, and know the scoring rules


If you’re new to designing, building and programming v5, I think the relatively simple hero bot put together by the organizers is a good place to start. Full instructions for the build are here under “Moby” on this page: V5 Build Instructions - Downloads - V5 - VEX Robotics

It has enough function to perform mogo lift and placement under appropriate circumstances. This means that you can build, program and practice moving around the field with it.

I would actually want to recommend beginning at the beginning with the v5 clawbot further down that page. Building, programming and using that will teach you a lot. There is introductory literature about programming here:
Current students would be better placed to comment on what they started learning with.

You would then, based on that experience, start to look at more advanced versions of the hardware and software you put together. There are examples posted in the forums that you’ve probably seen. Right now they look impossibly complex, but just like learnign to read, as you put in the practice, you’ll start to see the ideas more clearly. If you’re feeling anxious about not having something ready in time for a competition, start the basic learning process now. When you’ve done that, you’ll have a good idea of what the work is like and how to progress it.

Be bold and patient if you can. There are lots of your fellow roboticists here who will answer specific questions, some of whom still remember the first attempt at making a robot move and will be sympathetic. Look around at how other people have posted questions to learn about presenting code, and what kind of photos of robots work well. You’ll be encouraged to learn CAD, but I want to suggest doing at least one of the example builds and getting it to move first. Opinion will vary.