VEX U Battery "Bump Up"


I have a question related to rule about additional electronics.

It’s my first year in VEX U and apparently the team’s been competing with a battery “bump up” between the battery and the cortex. Since the standard competition battery only puts out 7.2v, the current from the battery runs through the “bump up” and ramps it up to 9v. According to the guys who competed last year, they explained it to the inspectors at Worlds and it still passed inspection. Nothing else (like motor internals) is modified, and this is the first of its kind that I’ve seen in VEX.

Basically, is it legal to use electronics that take the 7.2v current from the standard battery and then turn it into a higher current?

This is not legal. Custom electronics are allowed for sensing and processing only.

I thought as much. Thanks for the speedy reply Karthik, I’ll relay this to them.

You’re welcome!

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