VEX U - Clarification of VUG6 - "VEX U Student eligibility"


My main question is am I eligible to participate in the VEX U program? Details below.

I have recently been accepted into the LA Electrical Training Institute to study as an Electrical Apprentice. During this 5 year program, I will be enrolled in classes through LA ETI to become a licensed electrician. Would this satisfy the eligibility qualifications in rule VUG7 (quoted below), mostly part A? Thanks in advanced and let me know if I need to provide additional info.

VEX U Student eligibility.
a. All VEX U Team members MUST be matriculated in a post-secondary school.
b. Professionals not enrolled in post-secondary education are not eligible to participate on a VEX U
c. Students that are dual-enrolled in both a secondary school and in post-secondary courses are not
eligible to participate on a VEX U Team.
d. VEX U Team members may only be on exactly one (1) VEX U Team for the season, see .

I would think that LA ETI would be considered the equivalent of a community college; therefore, you should be good (as long as you have a high school diploma so you would be excluded by “part C”).


I do have my HS diploma, so I know I am good on part C.

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I added that bit because in the last few years, the “Middle College” type of school has become popular, where students are taking college classes as a “super senior” (13th grade), but don’t yet have a HS diploma awarded…so they can’t be on the U-team even though they are taking only college courses at the community college.


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