VEX U custom aluminum

Why have no teams made billet or water jet aluminum parts to build a custom frame in VEX U? Why does everyone use the normal vex channels?


Part 1: not enough time, money, or equipment.
Part 2: not “everyone,” MCCC uses versapro versaframe.


I mean, the VEX parts are just “there”, it’s good enough that you wouldn’t want to spend tons of time trying to make a custom frame that does basically the same thing (with a few exceptions).


So I know my school decent really have those tools. on top of that 3D printers are easily accessible and easy to learn how to use and for most applications get the job done while still being very light. The water jets and other high end manufacturing pieces can be a little bit overkill for strength and will be just as heavy if not more so than the vex pieces.


Berkeley uses CNC’d aluminum for their bot