VEX U Excellence Award Requirements

I noticed a recent post that was asking about requirements for the VRC Excellence award, and the answer included a number of requirements for a team to even be considered for the award. With VEX U being significantly smaller than VRC, it was my understanding that there are fewer requirements for a team to be considered for the Excellence award (such as not needing to submit an application prior to Worlds), but what portion of the other requirements for VRC hold for VEX U? Would a VEX U team also need to participate in multiple online challenges and win an excellence award prior to Worlds?

The VEX U is tailored to college students who have more time constraints on them than middle school or high school students. The VEX U program does not require teams to presubmit for Excellence or Design Awards at Worlds. Additionally, VEX U does not require online challenge submissions as a prerequisite to being considered for Excellence. Any online challenges that were submitted may be considered by the judges at Worlds. All VEX U teams at VEX Worlds are eligible for the Excellence and Design award as long as they have a Design Notebook.