VEX U IFT Early Starstruck Season Reveal

P.S. Please register this site :smiley:

This is a really nice design, is the wall the same size as the actual fence?

How does the throwing mechanism work?

Yes it should be~

This is actually not my robot but if you can register that website and just comment it below they will answer it for ya~ sorry about that…
Here is the instruction for registration:

I don’t understand why they made a 15" robot when there is only 1 24" robot this year

Lighter & less parts = faster & ez to improve

Looks great for this early!

I see that it says that it can score cubes, how does it do that?

Never mind, I didn’t notice the cube claw before.

Yep xD and that is suppose to be a secret, shhh

Oh, sorry :\

Lawl why are you sorry xD
it’s g8 that you noticed

It was supposed to be a secret :slight_smile:

Any plans for hanging?
Is that why your lift is slow?

Yep, and still need to work on it~
Did you register

I tried a few times, but it isn’t sending be the confirmation email.

That’s a really good robot! Good luck in VEX U!

What are the gearing ratios of the lift and cube claw?
Secondly, do you have any close up pictures of the star fork?

just login, it should be activated by now xD

all the pic i have are in there xD its actually not my bot… I’m doing edr, but yeah you can comment on that page below and ill tell IFT to answer it~

Thankkksss I’ll tell IFT you said that~

Tell them we need more pics