Vex U Pneumatics

Will Vex U be able to use pneumatics this year, the game manual has not been clear on this.

The official Q&A is open btw, it’d probably be better to ask there, as this question has been asked several times without a definitive answer.

One has to be a contact of a registered team to ask on the Q&A to ask a question on it. At the moment I am not because I have not registered my Vex U team. So i decided to ask it here.

Hmmmm, interesting I don’t remember this rule in previous years, I wonder if this is an attempt to remove various repeatedly asked questions and the “look at the manual” type of clarifications.

QA is also located on robot events now.

I too want to know the answer, but am in a similar situation.

I emailed the GDC and they said that this will be clarified in the June 15th update.

Awesome, thanks.