Vex U - Qualifying for Worlds

Does anyone know which events qualify a team for worlds? I’ve been searching through robotevents but I haven’t had any luck finding them.
Thank you.

"For the 2017-18 competition season VEX U will have 7 VEX U Qualifying events that will have
3 World Championship spots allocated to them (1=Excellence, 1= Champion, 1= Finalist).
These 7 events will be selected by the REC Foundation prior to November 1, 2017. The
minimum size of these 7 events is 16 teams. Additionally, there will be 5 VEX U events selected to
have 1 World Spot (Excellence Award). These events will be selected after November 1, 2017. "

“Please contact your REC Foundation Regional Support Manager for additional information regarding
Qualifying Events.”

I have selected important sections. There is still time before you could know all of the events which will qualify. I recommend contacting your regional manager for the best info.
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You have to win

Funny answer, but just so nobody is mislead:

There are VEX U events where winning does not get you a Worlds spot.

As @Imperius states, there will be only 7 VEX U events where both the tournament winner and finalist get Worlds bids in addition to the Excellence winner. There will be 5 VEX U events where only the Excellence winner will advance.

Implied by all that is that all other VEX U events will not give Worlds qualifications slots whether you win Excellence, or the tournament.

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Not sure why they are continuing to keep it a secret even as events begin to happen. We were told that our big vexu event in Arizona in February/March will qualify, so apparently they have at least made some decisions

Since there are 26 spots given from the above method and 5 spots from skills, totaling 31, and there are 84 spots for worlds,doe anyone know where will the other 53 spots be coming from?

Other countries.

Wait, what? There are other countries?