VEX U Robot Skills

After all the high school students had run their skills trials today at our event, Robots @ Rice University, we decided to run a few robot skill runs ourselves. We noticed a lot of VEX U teams haven’t done a skills run yet (more like no one :frowning: ) so we thought we would “toss” the first one out there. :slight_smile:

Here’s the rules for VEX U Robot and Programming Skills for this season:

And here’s our highest score out of 4 runs today:

Who’s gonna be the first team to top our score??

Can non college teams participate? I could see this being fun to mess around with.

You’re welcome to if you want. It could be good practice for either the middle school or high school robot skills challenge (which ever division you are in) seeing how you will have 1 minute as opposed to 30 seconds.

How come your scores weren’t submitted to robotevents?

I would guess that while it was an official high school competition it wasn’t a college one.

I’d say it is possible to do a college team skills run at a high school event, because it’s not part of the normal tournament. Any team can do a skills run anyways, separate from the qualification rankings. Assuming the tournament manager software handles college team #'s and skills durations, they’d just upload the results after as normal.

Either way I think it is a great attempt at the college skills challenge. So great job guys!! And yes its is unfortunate that there were no submitted robot skills scores from any college team, but my team and I will try our best to top your score!! Hopefully we will see you guys at a competition sometime. :slight_smile:

I completely agree with you! Its great to see other Vex U teams being proactive. We Vex U U.S. teams need to constantly push our self’s in order to remain competitive for worlds, and what better way than some friendly competitions. We will also try our best to top your score, and hopefully we can attend that CSM event on Feb!

Hey my team and I are going to that event!! Can’t wait to compete against your team if your team attend the CSM event!! It will be nice to finally have some friendly competition. :smiley:

Yes definitely! I see you guys have two teams registered which is pretty awesome. CSM is a really good team, we met them in Nov at Purdue’s fall challenge. We had a great time there!

Wow I did not know CSM had a good team. I have not seen any of their toss up bots neither. How well did they perform at Purdue’s fall challenge?

Don’t under estimate them! very defensive autonomous and play! I don’t remember who won but it was between CSM and BLRS.

This is from their youtube channel

Wow well ok thanks for the heads up!! We will try our best out there!! and thanks for the link!! Can’t wait to actually play them this sounds like a good competition.:slight_smile:

tabor473 is correct. We set up the event as just a high school/middle school event so when we tried to add the VEX U team, it wouldn’t let us. That was part of the reason why we recorded and uploaded the video. We plan to post an official score at the South Texas State Championship event on Feb. 22nd. which is also a VEX U event as well.

This has been our motivation all season long!! The best way to prepare for worlds is competitions. Unfortunately, there aren’t many for VEX U and the few there are are spread so far out. We did attend the Oklahoma VEX U event this past weekend and had some good competition. Only 4 teams attended but we’re hoping the Feb. 22nd event will host more.

Looks like a good run! How much time would your robots have had to stash buckyballs instead of scoring large balls?

My money would be on teams like OYES or NAR already being on their way to some extremely impressive skills scores.

Wait when you say that NAR or OYES are already on their way to impressive skills scores do you mean that you have seen their robots attempt the skills challenge?

No, I have not seen them, but I know from previous years that they are extremely skilled teams and I would be willing to bet that they will impress us again this year.

Was this a 30 or 60 second run?

I can’t wait to see what OYES and NAR do for skills for this year, but I’m confident that we can do just as well this year.

The final matches at the fall Vex U challenge were close but we managed to pull through to take 1st.

Unfortunately I am still fighting tournament manager to get the elimination rounds posted which is why robot events is not up to date… >_<

On a side note though if any Vex U team is available I would highly suggest competing in our scrimmage March 29th as a final preworlds practice. As we all know the demo effect is at its worst the day of competition.