VEX U Robot Skills

If you guys make an attempt to come to our Texas VEX U event February 22nd, we’ll make a serious attempt to make it to that event. :slight_smile:

how many VexU teams of a turnout do you guys expect for your events?
We are a lone VexU team here in the Vancouver area :frowning:
We are planning on going to a high school competition to officially run our skills and get it uploaded to the world rankings

I know for CSM’s challenge coming up on February 7th, there will be 5 teams, where we are bringing 2.

Truly I think the problem is many of the colleges that do it are so spaced out.

yeah i agree.
its great u guys got at least 5 in the general area!
Do you know how many teams are required for an “official” competition?

I am not sure of the official minimum requirement of teams to have an “official” competition, but based off of the number of teams that are on the team lists on, it looks like you can have maybe at least 4 teams? The smallest right now is the Purdue competition in February, which has only 4 teams on their list. I also got to say that the competitions for Vex U would be way more competitive if each of the local events had a lot more teams.

When we went to Oklahoma, there were only 4 teams there. They did treat it as an official event. Like stated before, a lot of teams are spread out so getting an official event to have a lot teams is tough. I do think if VEX U continues to grow, we’ll start to see more events showing up.

I think another part of it is a lot of teams help mentor VEX high school and middle school teams so they don’t have a lot of time to work on their own robots. That’s the case here for us but we always bring our robots to all the competitions to work on it in free time and practice.

I think you bring up a good point about VEX U and growth. The problem is, VEX U has been around since… Elevation? And since then we’ve had more teams, but yet spacing is still an issue. I think we’ll need to see crazy growth or a change in VEX U premise to get more events. That said it’s harder to start VEX programs in college than it is in HS/MS.