VEX U.S. Nationals - Omaha Nebraska

Thought it would be nice to have a thread to talk about the nationals competition. What did everyone think of the setup at the Kroc Center when they came to get registered today?

Lookin forward to the tourney

I felt like the auditorium didnt have as much seating as any of the high schools that we have competed at, will the spectators be shuffling in and out as the teams they want to see compete? its actually a very nice place and the pit setup is awesome :smiley: thanks to all of the volunteers for helping this long weekend!

It may not look like a lot but it has sufficed the past two years.

Bit interesting to see the two different divisions being set up, looks like its almost exactly like it is at worlds.

Supposedly my team got the easy division :rolleyes:

Should be an interesting couple of days though.

It seems pretty nice so far, the only thing is that the hallway between the competition fields and the pits is kind of narrow and gets crowded, but thats not a huge problem, seems like its gonna be a fun weekend

which division are you guys in? and what make it the easy division? lol :rolleyes:

You guys should definitely try to skype us tomorrow!
So excited to watch your matches!
Guess what I’m going to be doing all day? :wink:

Good luck!
Say hi to coco for me, lol

Did you see the upper balcony

ohh probably not :o i dont mind as im gonna be competing. :slight_smile:

I’m just thinking of last years setup we just got in today off the waiting list so I haven’t really seen it

I was mostly kidding, we are in the black division.

The hallway is a bit narrow but it will hopefully be better tomorrow if the inspections can be shrunk. there are also pits out there so that amplifies the issue.

After a day of competition, im pretty happy, the matches got a little behind but then they caught up. Hows everyone doin in the tourny?

I was watching your robot on the live stream. It looks so freaking cool! Nice job staying #1.:smiley:

Nice job Z-Fence! 985B is fourth in green division-4-1-1. We have put strategy learned from NZ nationals to good use…

Thanks man, we’re pretty happy with how we’re doin it’s been workin pretty good so far

Matches seemed pretty smooth to me, I watched almost every one in all three divisions and announced for about half of them :wink:

Only major issue in the day was the field not being level on the point where it left the stage, but it seemed to be a bit better after they worked on it during lunch.

from the webcast it was difficult to tell exactly how the fields are setup… are they on some type of stage or what? because i thought i saw steps but it looked like they were not raised much if any.:confused::confused::confused:

about 3/4ths of the field is fully on the stage, and the remainder would hang out over the steps, but there is a platform made from I believe plywood and some sort of spacing below about half of the isolation zone on all of the fields, right where the blue and red tiles are. They were attempting to fix it by drilling below where the main issue was, and that seemed to work decently.

So basically there is a stage with steps at the end. Half the field is on the stage, halfis raised up over the steps if that makes sense.
Edit: beat me to it

ok thats what it kinda looked like but i thought i was going crazy… how is it for driving (raised fields, lighting, etc) ?