VEX U.S. Nationals - Omaha Nebraska

Middle school was fine. They has some tile alignment problems on high school but that was fixed. Lightings fine, the illuminate the field thats competing.

ya i saw the lights going on and off on the webcast… i thought it might be kinda annoying, but maybe not.

They have the lighting on a spot light that rolls over to each field. My teammate said that he had no problems with the lighting, it was a bit bright.

nationals looks fun from the webcast!!! how many teams that are at nationals are planning on attending worlds already???:cool:

I was surprised how smoothly this whole thing has been run. I agree though that the hallway is a little packed.

Did anyone else notice the Qual. where all the robots stopped for like the first 20 seconds at least? I think it was in the green division though.

Well, good luck to everyone for the second day of the tourney

I’m lookin forward to see whos gonna win this thing

Anyone in the black division who’s looking for a 3rd Alliance pick, come check out 4405b. We’ve had some obstacles to overcome but I guarantee our rank isn’t close to what we really are capable of.

I am enjoying us nationals soo much:):cool:
Robots are looking great eapecually 404 and 12 and 40 and everyother team. There are tons of great teams. Just couldnt memorize the names:o
Exellent job so far. Really enjoying it cant wait for finals

black divsion finals are gonna be SWEEETTT!!!

What about the two 1200 teams.

ya theyve looked good too! :smiley:

So who won the tournament, Excellence Award, etc.?

1200F got the amaze award. That is all I know.

I believe 404, 12A, and 404C won the tournament.

Excellence went to 404A (different from 404)

they well deserved it, and it was great to be an alliance partner with them. we were surprised that we won the design award, but it is such an honor. good luck with the rest of your season!

Thanks for the info. I watched some of the quarterfinals, but I had to do some work and then I forgot to turn the stream back on. Congrats to everyone. See you at Worlds.

Did you look at the Finals scores of the Silver Division? The 3-match final round was won by a TOTAL of four points. That must have been a great series. Congratulations to all the participants in all three divisions.

Let’s just say, competing again 404 at pretty much every competition is a good thing. I mean their designs and strategies are spectacular, and we are just happy to see their robots before everyone else does. For those of you who did not watch nationals, lets just say they will get your 20in goal before you (no matter what).

Thanks for the compliments. We had lots of luck and great alliances and had a lot of fun. All the teams there were great and we hope we can see them all again at world.
-Everyone from all 404 teams-

Not the most important award ha but the men of steel ( 4405b) won the sportsmanship award for immediately giving away some batteries after a match to another team, after being warned of dq for touching the robot before they finished scoring haha it was an interesting conversation with the judges almost not letting us doing it