VEX U.S. Nationals - Omaha Nebraska

Team 1412A won 2nd in the middle school with our c team too Our E team won their first quarterfinal the a team rebuilt the robot overnight and helped pick c and we got two trophies WOW thank the lord

That was also us haha. the members of 404D greatly appreciate the lent batteries. :smiley:

Anytime haha. We greatly appreciated having 404E on our alliance, he did very well. A key role in upsetting the no. 2 seed. We’re looking forward to seeing you all at worlds!

I was watching the quaterfinals and finals and i thought you guys were awsome. You guys played better than New Zealand Finals:D:)
Cant wait for world championships. Its in a month:rolleyes:

thanks to 1069e and 4848! we gave them a run for there money we just got unlucky!

Does anyone have any vids of the skills finals and also the high school finals matches?

I have one of 40J’s skills run, but it was taken with my iPhone.

probably just as good of quality as the webcast lol.

I recorded the webcast with it…lol

haha dang…

Ah man, our skills final performance saddened me haha. Our arm jammed up (stage fright?) and we couldn’t dispense anything…

And 1064a, you guys did fantastic! That segment of tile just barely snagged you guys unfortunately.

Great job 1064A. You had a great performance.

Can’t wait to see what you build next year!

It was a great tournament. thanks to team 404D and 4184H for pairing up with us. We came close to winning programming skills but got second with a score of 28 and got the build award. the finals in the silver division were very tough and congrats to teams 404, 404c, and 12A on winning the US nationals!

Congratulations 3919A/3919B/4837A for winning the Middle School Nationals (On Saint Patrick’s Day :D). You guys did a great job!

Thank you 985B/1412E for being a great alliance! We all had trouble with our bots, but still managed to get the 3rd QF match! Great job guys.

Can’t wait to be there next year with my new team!

Hey you too. Your bot did great. I dont know what to tell ya, ours worked perfectly until that one match where eoght motors dropped out:(
But we still almost won:D
What team will you be on next year?

I will be starting my own team next year with some of my friends. I will still be apart of Cornerstone Robotics, but will not be taking the hour drive to go to the weekly meetings. I am considering the team number: 323Z. We will see.

Hope to be there next year :smiley: