VEX U Team Locations

Hey everybody! I’ve started to make a list of colleges, and I would like to pursue VEX U in college, and I was wondering if there was a list of colleges that have VEX U teams available. The only threads about this are from like 5 years ago, and I am sure many more have joined since then. Does anyone have any colleges and their team names?



A lot of the teams that went to QIPE have been thinking about posting a massive list like this, I’ll get on this soon with @DaleNash01 since he’s been the designated U person at lists like this


You could also use the map serach on robotevents to filter by VEXU teams that were active last season:


I was looking at this before. There is one issue I have with this, and you can see it with team MCC1. There is no school listed, and only a state and city for the team.

sick, thanks so much! I am trying to get in my early decisions for colleges so I gotta start early!

There was a thread not too long ago about VEXU, and I feel compelled to provide similar advice to you as I did to that poster.

While Vex is a wonderful program and I’m sure you have many great memories and experiences with it, I would strongly caution you against limiting your college choices based on whether a VEXU team exists there or not. College is an amazing time, with a broad range of clubs and opportunities, both with robotics and STEM more generally as well as social, etc.

Please consider the totality of what a college or university offers. There may be a great fit for you that does not have a VEXU team, but does have other clubs or opportunities for you to “scratch that itch” that you feel VRC currently satisfies.


Yep, I completely agree with you! VEX U is just a bonus for me, and I need some more ideas for colleges, anyway. Obviously, it is going to come down to my final major, distance from home,
price/competitiveness, and more, just like any other college selection!


Fantasic - sounds like an excellent way to decide!