VEX U Team Specifications

Hi! I am looking to start a new VEX U team at my school, and I was wondering if high school students were allowed to join specifically for the building, coding, and coaching processes. Clearly states that drivers must be in a post-secondary school, but it says that anyone is eligible to be a coach. Does this mean that a high school student could be coach?

Well no one’s going to break into your workshop and check who tightened what screw. VEX wouldn’t have a way to enforce who works on the robot outside of competitions, so they don’t really bother with it. It might be a bit shady, but I’m pretty sure that as long as everyone at the field during a match is in college it’s legal (not that I’m endorsing it).

I understand what you’re saying about working on the robot, but I’m asking if the high schooler could be a coach since the rule isn’t specified.

This is what appendix E Vex U states (part which applies in bold):

It looks like anyone can be a coach.