Vex U Teams Around Massachusetts

I recently got rejected by WPI (sad) and was wondering if there was any VexU teams around Massachusetts that I don’t have to be in their school to join. I would join GOATS but I heard they are sadly no longer. I know its way too early to be asking but just wondering.

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There are three registered VEXU teams in Massachusetts - WPI, NorthEastern, and Cape Cod Community College.

You can reach out to Dan Troy the RECF Team Engagement Manager (contact info should be on Robotevents) and he should be able to connect you to their contacts.


Thank you! These are all school based teams so hopefully I can still get into them.

If you don’t mind what are the VexU teams around New York?

Alas, I do not have visibility outside of Southern New England about registered teams.

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In New York, you’ve got RIT, ORC1, and VCAT.


Thank You Both!!

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