VEX U welcome kit does not have enough plates

There seems to be only one welcome kit for VRC and VEX U, and it’s clearly geared toward VRC with only two of each colored plate and only two sheets of stickers with letters. This means there are only enough license plates for one of the two robots, and only enough stickers for two of the four plates for that robot.

Am I the only one, or have other VEX U teams experienced this? It would be nice to have a separate VEX U welcome kit that actually contains the materials we need.

This was partly due to us not having all of our plates and reusing old ones, but for our last competition we cut up numbers and different letters in order to make the letters we needed. :slight_smile:

If what Owen says is the case, then that’s pretty sad. Registering a team is not cheap and it seems VEX could be kind enough to actually send us parts that we are required to have. This just seems like another example of VEX not really caring about VEXU.

If VEX doesn’t want to pay for slightly different VEXU welcome kits then they should allow us to make our own license plates rather than being forced to use official ones.

We have about 10 extra sets of those license plates. We keep getting them every year in the welcome kits and they just take up space.

We had the same issue with the license plates for the last two years. We had to ask other VRC teams for extra letters and pay for extra plates. When VexU teams register, the plates should be included for both bots. The old license plates issued 2 per bot, not allowing for breakage. I agree more thought needs to be put into the needs of the VexU teams.