Vex Uk Nationals 2014

Hello, this year was the third Uk national championships, and was larger than ever before with 40 teams competing across two days (almost all of whom had qualified from regionals.) It was a great well run event and was a great opportunity to meet some amazing people

After 150 qualification games were played we prepared for knock outs. If I remember rightly the ranking were as follows:

  1. XLR8 (Nottingham school)
  2. The green team (Nottingham school)
  3. Virus robotics (East Barnet school)
  4. Evesham high school
  5. St Olaves
  6. Team control freaks (The John Warner school)
  7. Highgate
  8. Team control freaks (The John Warner school)

We then had an afternoon of tense knock out matches before finally reaching a final in which alliance 1 consisting of 4664A, 4664C and 3116B (Nottingham and Warner schools) were pitted against alliance 2 5194, 3116 and 5194B (East Barnet and Warner schools.)

The blue alliance ended up winning 2-0 although both finals were hard fought and very tactical, a large improvement on previous years. Personally it was great to win our third national title in a row. However, I feel several other teams should receive credit. Nottingham high school made a huge improvement from last season and dominated qualifications. Meanwhile Highgate (who only started last year) both reached the semi-finals a vast achievement! Lastly, the John Warner school finally managed to win a final!

6 teams will be representing the UK at the World championships below I have listed them and how they qualified and their numbers. We look forward to seeing you all there and we may be quite competitive even such is the growth in UK robotics over the last three years.

3116 (London regional excellence winners/ national champions)
5119Z (Birmingham regional excellence winners)
4664A (Highest ranked losing finalist)
4664C (National excellence)
5194 ( National champions)
5194B (National champions)

Finally here is a link to the national finals- enjoy!