VEX UK Nationals 2018

Just seen that the UK nationals only had 34 out of 60 teams competing…are VEX going to run a second event for those teams that missed out? seemed slightly unfair when the conditions were out of the teams’ control…any info on what happened would be appreciated:))))

I doubt it, if teams choose not to show up, its their own fault not VEX’s.

@anonymousH7 Vex are not going to host a new competition this year. However there is going to be a friendly competition organised by Colmer school for those who missed out nationals taking place in 4 days time. In terms of what happened on the day, Qualifications were mongy and John Warner ended up murking everyone with 5 teams in finals.

OK. For all of us that are not from the UK, can you translate what “mongy” and “murking” means?

I’m not in the UK, was there like a blizzard or something that kept teams from reaching the national tournament?

Over that week we had the worst snow and blizzards in years, meaning that many teams were prevented from going by the local education boards, who deemed the school trips too dangerous.

Murking = destroying everyone.
Mongy = @Sporeray was silly and missed a qualification match.

I’m from the UK and I had no idea what that meant, but I’m old so I didn’t expect to know! Thanks Luke for clearing it up though :slight_smile: