Vex Ultrasonic Rangefinder & Raspberry Pi

How would I connect a vex edr ultrasonic rangefinder to a raspberry pi? I need help with how to set up the wiring on the breadboard. I have a simple program that should measure the distance an object is away from the rangefinder but I think I have a problem with the wiring.

How do you have it set up currently?

So this would be a bit annoying. 1 issue with a raspberry pi is that it is a full computer and not really made for low level stuff like interrupt timing. Using the Wiring library this should be possible if a bit annoying, anything that low on a raspi is annoying.

Here is a post I made about an arduino running vex ultrasonic.

I have it wired correctly but now I’m getting a “no echo received” message followed by a series of 1.0 on the screen when I run the program. My code is as follows:

from gpiozero import DistanceSensor

ultrasonic = DistanceSensor(echo=17, trigger=4)


while True: