VEX used field + other parts for sale

I am making this post on behalf of my friend Neil from 6121C, who is selling his Vex parts and other useful parts. If you have any questions or want to purchase any or all of these items, feel free to post a reply or PM me (Zach) for his email. Here is his post:

Hello everyone, I am graduating from high school this year and I am done using all my Vex parts, so I am planning on selling them. I am near Philadelphia.

All of these parts together cost me thousands of dollars. I am willing to sell everything for $1400, but I am open to negotiation (shipping not included). If you want specific items from the list, feel free to reach out to discuss individual prices. All of these parts are in great condition.

Materials I am selling (pictures below):

VEX Field and tiles (not the new anti static tiles) (includes all screws, nuts, rubber feet, etc needed for a field)

4 parts storage containers (3 big Husky containers, 1 small container) (they do not include the parts in them, as many of them belong to my school. If you want any of these parts included, please ask to check and if it belongs to me, I will include it)

Bunch of aluminum

Misc parts

  • 3 old 2.75ā€ omni wheels, great for odom

  • 4 3.25ā€ wheels

  • License plate kit

  • 3 packs of new adhesive foam

  • 5 bags of new latex tubing

  • 12 high strength shafts

  • 16 new aluminum 1x25 bars

  • A bunch of 8-32 nylon lock nuts and 8-32 steel jam nuts

  • Competition switch

  • VEX V5 cable crimper

  • Magnetic micro-USB to USB

  • Electrical tape

  • A ton of Alliance rubber bands: red, light blue, and orage type

  • White and gray anti-slip mat rolls, thick high quality

  • Lithium grease tube and Teflon lube bottle

  • Roll of v5 cable stock

  • About a gallon of staticide, comes with big bottle, spray bottle, and funnel

  • 11 new 1ā€™x2ā€™ 1/16ā€ thick polycarbonate sheets

  • 2 unused 1ā€™x2ā€™ 1/16ā€ thick ABS sheets

  • Porter Cable bandsaw

  • Dremel set

  • Heat gun

  • Bench grinder

  • Clamp-on Vise

Here are some pictures:

Thank you for your time and feel free to ask any questions!



EDIT: 2.75" omnis are sold.


I might be interested, how would you deal with Canadian currency?

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I have registered my interest and PMed Zach.

Are you willing to sell separate parts?

Yes he will sell parts individually if you contact him, please PM me for his email.

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Hook me up with that hard to find license plate kit!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would definitely be interested in the field perimeter as well as the parts to assemble it. I PM you on vex forum.

Hey! Iā€™d be interested in the 16 aluminum 1 x 2 x 25 if they are still availible! How much are they selling for? Oh! What about the heat gun and the 11 1ā€™ x 2ā€™ x 1/16" polycarb?