VEX UVC Sanitizing Robot and SPARKATHON Competition

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isn’t uvc light harmful to people? seems like you would want to enclose the beam of death light somewhere it doesn’t shine on people. I’m not an expert on light science though so what do I know.


I think this is borderline “discussion of building homemade versions of more sophisticated equipment”, which is not allowed on the VEX Forum.

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Edit: This similar thread was closed on these grounds.


And yes, UVC light is very harmful to humans, both skin and eyes. Assuming those are actual UVC lights in the picture, do not do what is shown in the third picture. UVC should be contained in a fully opaque enclosure safe from humans (generally with a safety interlock to shut off the UVC lights if the enclosure is opened).


If we consider the requirement/suggestion of the UVC light to be contained, I don’t think the UVC lights themselves would pass the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is why I can see this not following VF rules and guidelines (Although I have to admit it looks freaking awesome of a robot if you consider it being used for professional reasons).

118/3118, major props. If/before anything happens, I want to say good luck in the competition!

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Yes UVC light is harmful to the skin and eyes, but with proper safety measure such as certain skin products and safety ware you can use that to protect yourself. This is also really close to the FAR UVC wavelength, which is completely safe for people and animals to be around. This robot is also programmed for pre built paths so you don’t need to be near it.

As for the concern about the product, my intent wasn’t to showcase the robot but to get people who may be interested in this work to join my virtual design think lab called SPARKATHONUV-E. This is a competition where young people will work with other people and have mentor support to create a solution to a problem.

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