VEX V 5 order???


Has anyone else not received their VEX V5 kits yet, We put an order in at the beginning of August and haven’t received anything yet. I know that their has been issues with keeping them in stock, but you’d think that they would have some available by now. Nothing against VEX as a company. Just really need some robots for my class.



I’d like to think that all orders are being filled based on when they were placed, but I have a funny feeling that is not always the case. There is probably a certain amount of squeaky wheel getting the grease here.

I called today because we are now 10 weeks since we placed our order (haven’t been waiting as long as you). When I finally got through to a rep (took several times and long on-holds), he said it showed my order was placed about two weeks after I actually sent it in (said it was taking a long time to get POs in the system - not sure I really buy that) and that I am now at about 8 weeks. He said he would flag my order as “priority” (not sure what that means) and “if they have enough stock left after they fill older orders, mine should go out soon, otherwise they won’t be getting more until January.”

So, I suggest calling (and waiting on hold, and prepare to get your call dropped SEVERAL times, and need to call back, and wait on hold some more) and when you get to talk to someone, ask them about your order. That should at the very least get it moving.


Yeah I’ve been caller #18 for a while today. Got up to #3 then dropped, Caller #5 then dropped.

It’s frustrating as I have an event and I’ve my batteries ordered for months.


well are v5 has gotton delayed all the way to 2019


Do call in. Be polite. Good things happen.

I had three purchase order shipments that got shipped on the day that I called in and asked about them. These were all calls in a time frame that I should expect something to be happening (i.e. definitely after 8 weeks - calling earlier is a waste your time and their time.) The conversations in these transactions all involved the vex shipping person sorting through a stack of printed orders, confirming the validity of the order, then confirming the items were available and stating they would complete the shipment that day. My impression (based on this tiny sample pool) is that they have a backlog in paper orders (PO’s paid by check, etc.) that they might not get to while fulfilling digital orders and other tasks. The stack is sitting on their desk, but they may never have time to get to it in a day of other duties. If you get them to check through the stack of papers, they might discover that they can complete your transaction.



Not exactly. New orders have gotten delayed, but any orders already made will still be fulfilled, like in the OP’s case.
As @Doug Moyers said, a call can work miracles. We’ve had to make many, each with largely positive results


Our August 9th order through Robot Mesh was forwarded to VEX, and entered into the VEX order system with a date of September 9th. We still don’t have it, although I’m told it’s now at the top of the pile. Earlier this week VEX support told me that if they get a shipment in this week my order should ship in December; if they don’t, then January at the earliest. Fingers crossed.