Vex V.5

My V.5 controller has been working fine for quite a while. Then, the current program acted odd. Redownload program (EasyC), no help. Redownload firmwear, I can do this repeatedly. Re-downloading the program will give a message that the computer is not in communication with the controller. Motors will start/stop randomly for no apparent reason. All soft wear and drivers have been reinstalled. Any clues or hints to the problem?

Heh. This is the PIC microcontroller, not the new stuff guys. Don’t know what’s going on here - EasyC for PIC is going to be old software, and so are the drivers so it’s possible something just broke with a newer OS.

Updated an old Vista to Win7, so the OS is old. Is my PIC RIP?

As I recall on the RobotC site is a version of Robot C for the PIC. You might want to try that to see if you can help narrow the problem down. There are sample programs that you can use to check the basics out.

The other thing to check is the drivers for your programming cable. There were issues around the driver and Win7. Check with the VEX site to make sure you have the right drivers for your cable.

I got the drivers fresh from the VEX site (with help from Vex tech to get the correct ones) about 2 weeks ago. Getting RobotC on the old computer did not work out well. Could be the transferal on the flash drive. Win7 is taking 70% of the RAM for the desktop, thus is not allowed to be on the internet.

I’d try the transfer again. I run ancient Thinkpads with RobotC and it isn’t a problem.

You said Win7 is taking 70% of the RAM memory, you have another issue. How much memory does the computer have?

The lap top is a low-end one. And that is what computer geek son told me. I will try the transfers again. The library lets you borrow an Arduino and so far, plugging in the vex components directly in has worked fine.

Try programing the original Vex firmware *.hex files and run the default programming app to see if the Microcontroller is working ok. Check for flashing LED indicators also.

Try going on your V.5 controller’s touchscreen and tap “settings>about>hardware reset” This should perfectly reset your V.5 controller with on hand of your V.5 CORTEX. Did this fix your issue? :slight_smile: