VEX V5 and Raspberry pi speaker

Ok so i’m aware that V5 has no speaker, and there is also a very slim chance that there is a analog to digital converter compatible with vex to connect the old speaker. i was wondering if there is a chance i could connect a raspberry pi a do programming via the Rpi. the reason i want to do this is because Rpi has an attachable speaker which could allow me to make the robot speak if i program via Rpi. My only issue is i don’t know how to program VEX through Rpi…

I’m a bit confused as to what you are asking here. Do you want to be able to program the V5 brain using a raspberry pi? If so, that would be rather difficult. If you meant communicate with the V5 brain using a raspberry pi, that is much more doable. You can use the USB port on the brain to do this over serial.

However, I will note that such a solution (using a raspberry pi on the robot) has been consistently ruled as illegal in VRC high school, even for non functional decoration reasons.


Just minor correction. If you hook a raspi up through USB making it run pros onboard the raspi and using it to download code is mostly straightforward. (download is trivial and compile is not terribly difficult)

I am also struggling to follow the exact functionality the OP wants.

Have a raspi who is constantly listening for a few bytes to be sent over serial and plays music when it gets those bytes is reasonable.


i’m not using this on a game robot. i was planning on finding a way to have the Rpi respond to the sensors on the V5 with a voice.
for example: vision sensor detects an item
raspberry pi says “hello” through the Rpi speaker attachment

Just for fun

Robot I used to ask a girl to prom “will you go to prom with Griffin or will he have to take me”.

autonomous chooser

In that case you’ll want to do as @tabor473 said. Connect the pi to the brain over serial over the USB port and have a program on the pi that waits for a series of bytes to be received that tells it what sound to play. What programming environment are you planning on using for the V5 brain?

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i was planning on using python on RobotMesh

Hi Vibot.

Yes, RMS C++ has an API for sending and receiving data to the host serial port. You can find the documentation here:

Cheers, Sam.