Vex V5 Availability

Hey yall,
We are a team with little budget, and we are about to lose the remainder of funds we have left in our budget. The VEX website is showing availability for individual V5 brains, controlllers, batteries, etc. but no bundles. I know with the rollout and shipping issues it was temporarily stopped being sold, but is itworth to go ahead and buy some individuals in your opinions?

Thank you!

If you’re going to lose the money anyway, I would go for what you need. If you have Cortex, V5 as a complete set is kind of expensive. I might just look into additional aluminum.

But, if you’re structurally well off, I would buy some motors and a brain maybe. It can’t hurt to get ahead of the game.

If you only have enough for one or the other, get a brain and start to figure it out. There’s stuff like an auton selection screen you can work on off of only that.


Where are you in the world?

Have brains, batteries, and such actually been reinstated, or is it something to help teams in the forefront to worlds?

odd that the individual components are back apparently, but not the kits.

It’s because some parts take longer to ship, so they can’t have the kit arrive together

hmmm I see. hopefully this is a sign that kits will be available quite soon?

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Many V5 parts were never suspended. If I remember correctly, it was just Brains, Radios, and motor cartridges.

but now it appears all individual components are back, yippee.

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If you don’t want to pay sales tax on your V5, I’d recommend buying now. You’ll have to pay it either way if you are in Texas, though.

I’m in AZ! Tax exempt FTW!

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if FTW means for the weekend…

It means for the win. AZ didn’t pass those laws yet

It was a court decision. Look up South Dakota v. Wayfair

I did. The courts said that a state CAN tax online companies, but didn’t require them to. Many states passed laws to collect online sales tax. AZ didn’t

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I know that Vex is getting caught up. You may want to call a Vex reseller that supports your state and see if you can preorder with them. The other option is to call the the Vex sales department and see they will make an exception and allow you to place a preorder.

If you buy what’s in the $500 kit, it’s about the same price as buying the kit. We just bought individual parts instead of waiting for the kit so we would get our stuff ASAP. I would suggest just buying what you need right now because the price isn’t that much different. But keep in mind your gonna have to buy stuff that isn’t included in the v5 bundle like extra batteries, chargers, controllers, etc

Just an fyi: all of the v5 parts plus 4 v5 motors is the same price as the classroom starter kit (which has all that plus a bunch of other stuff)

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Buying the entry level clawbot kit is the way to go. It’s what I’m recommending teams in our area to grab. I think orders are picking up. V5 things I ordered before the freeze have arrived.