VEX V5 Batteries available anywhere?

We recently started a private team earlier this year, and we made a mistake by only purchasing one battery when we started. Now a tournament is coming up in two weeks and we can only run for half an hour before we have to charge it. It’s basically out of stock everywhere, but we found one site where it is in stock. If it is available on any other site, it would be great if you could tell us.

Has anyone purchased from “Learning Labs Inc. eStore” before? If so, would you recommend it? Here is the product link. Thanks!

This page on the Learning Labs site confirms that:

  1. LL can only sell VEX parts to customers in Tennesee, North & South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and the Florida panhandle (which is their assigned region as a VEX authorized reseller).
  2. Like a lot (maybe all? I’m not familiar with all of them) of the resellers, LL does not maintain their own stock of VEX gear – so if it’s out of stock at, it’s out of stock at Learning Labs.

At the competition you could maybe ask a team if you can borrow a battery, you really only need two to have the robot fully charged most matches. my team has both let someone borrow a battery as well as borrowed a battery from a team. Just make sure you return it fully charged at the end.


@epictemper, what region are you in?

We’re in Southern California

Yeah, that currently sounds like the best solution.

After reading so many threads similar to this. When I go to a comp I deiced to literally bring every battery because as an org we have a lot a batteries and teams but early season only my team is competing.

hope to see you at a comp :smiley:

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@DRow can you move this out of VIQ please?

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