Vex V5 battery cable alternative?

Hello everyone, I’m a coder for my team and I need our robot to test and such but then I found out that our cable that connects the battery to the brain got damaged and doesn’t work anymore so I bought a 1x4 Molex cable, because I need it urgently and vex takes too long, I just received it and tried it on the robot, and it doesn’t work, anyone knows anything about this? It fits everything.

Molex cable link:

not legal.

borrow one from team nearby

the battery cable is not just simply a matter of wire and connector. The cable has to transmit data between battery and brain effectively.

im not using it for competition just for testing right now, is that fine?

no - safety first!

that is important too!

That cable, according to the drawing, is not the same as a V5 battery cable, the connector on one end is reversed. Using it may kill the V5 brain.


thank you for letting me know

do u guys know how much voltage the battery have to transfer to the brain? i think the cable might be a bit weak to handle

The V5 battery is 14.4V when fully charged.

You should compare that cable to a real V5 battery cable, if the connector on one end is in fact reversed as compared to the VEX cable, it would feed battery voltage into a control data line on the V5 brain, the result may not be good, I’ve never had the need to know what happens.