Vex V5 Battery not charging

Hi, My team has been experiencing problems with our v5 batteries as they are not charging. We have 3 batteries that we plugged 3 chargers into but the green light would not start blinking. Also when we go into the brain to check on the battery it shows not charging. We have to tweek our charger left and right and suddenly it would start charging but only for a small time and it would stop. I tried to search for this issue online but couldn’t find an answer. if anyone has a solution please help us.


I would say your batteries are broken. We had an issue like that last year and we just had to get new ones.

What probably happened is that you broke your charging port

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Did you try using a different charging outlet like instead of your lab try someplace else to charge them.

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So we found another discovery while testing to check the batteries the other day and found that, when we attach a motor to the brain and keep the battery on charge and then start powering the motor at full throttle, the battery begins charging after some time when it drops a percent. it would start charging for a few seconds until it was at its original percent and stop. we repeated this on the battery which was at 11 percent and it did the same thing all the time. it would drop down to 10 and would start charging again until it reached 11 percent and then stop. Does anyone know if its a firmware problem or a battery?

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Did you charge it at all over the summer? That happens to a lot of rookie robotics members. Rookies usually forget to take the battery home or tell the advisor to take it home over the summer and then when they try to charge it the first day back, it will not work, because it messes up the charging port if you charge it without charging it for 3 months. I would recommned buying a new battery and not making simple mistakes like that because batteries might not be that expensive but it is annoying to wait for them to arrive. Also if someone in your club has better battery knowledge, let them handle it because there is always that one guy who know random information that can help you fix problems.
I hope this helps Mr. Bhattacharya.