vEx V5 Brain - "Invalid Asset Table Version!"

How can we resolve this issue? This began yesterday and we still haven’t located a fix for the issue.

Hopefully someone can help us!

V5 screen

reinstall the latest version of vexos (1.0.9)


Hi, my students’ brain has experienced the same thing. On VEX V5 blocks, when the brain is connected, it says that the firmware is updated. However, on the brain, the image above comes up ( invalid asset table version.

If V5 blocks isn’t allowing you to update the brain, use the standalone updater available here,


Hi jpearman,
I downloaded the standalone updater, how do I get it to connect to the Brain? Thank you!

Make sure V5 blocks or any other program that may want to communicate with the V5 is closed. Then just connect the USB cable to the brain with the firmware updater open.


Works! Thanks for the prompt response too!

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I am currently having this issue with a couple of my brains.

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