Vex v5 Brain upload images

Hello fellow forum goers, today I was tasked with the job of making a logo on the vex v5 screen and i was wondering if there is a way to import an entire photo onto the v5 brain. Also is there anyway to display a video

not yet.

is it possible in pros

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I do not use pros.

ok thanks anyway

see if the DOOM port helps

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This thread

It’s possible in PROS. One way I’ve uploaded images is by using the LVGL picture converter, which converts your image into a C array and dumps it into an LVGL-compatible file (just make sure to use the old converter and change the include path). You can then display that image quite easily. Check the LVGL docs for more info.

Thanks soo much this is such a big help, can it do videos too?

I don’t believe it can, but there might be other alternatives you can consider.

There was this

and I’ve also written code to play animated gifs, it works quite well.

Could u link the code please

My understanding is that the APIs needed are not currently available in VCS. We’ll see what the next release of VCS holds - my priority would be wireless downloading of programs vs animated images :slight_smile:

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ok thanks for the reply

Now the reality is we don’t know when next versions of any software package will be released.

@vex lol

it is a no win situation - seriously… the pendulum will swing in a different direction …

Right now - our teams are able to accomplish what they need to with VEX C++ in VCS. That might not be universally true for all teams.

ye i guess that is true

The fireplace demo was a messy hack that reads in about 25MB of images and displays them in a loop. The images were png images, and the png image support has a bug in the current vexos that is fixed in 1.0.6. It also uses C API’s that are not documented but have a C++ equivalent in the sdk that VCS will have when it ever gets updated (and I have no idea when that will be).

The animated gif program was based on some open source gif reading code, but it exposed a bug in the way VCS uses one of the standard library memory allocation functions, also fixed in the next sdk, meaning I can’t release it at this time. It also needed a larger heap to allow multiple animated gifs to be displayed, something beyond the scope of what students can easily do with VCS without knowledge of how linker scripts etc. work.

as far as vexos is concerned, this work is finished, we expect our partner developers to be supporting this with the release of vexos 1.0.6 as long as they don’t find issues that need us to revise the firmware.

that is good to know! Thanks for all you do!